Frost is a Green Eco-School

Get2Green was started as an FCPS project in December 2010 to further FCPS’s goal to graduate environmental stewards.  Seeing a large part of environmental stewardship requiring student action, FCPS partnered with the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) Eco-Schools USA program.  Frost Middle School officially obtained the NWF Eco-Schools USA designation during the 2011-2012 school year.

The Planning Process

The Frost Middle School Eco-Action team (consisting of students, parents, and faculty members) meets periodically throughout the school year to discuss vision, mission, and programming ideas.

What have we done?

  • Currently building a schoolyard wildlife habitat in our second courtyard
  • Designated an interior courtyard as a National Wildlife Federation Schoolyard Habitat
  • Conducted energy audits in our school
  • Applied for and received grants to fund various projects to support our Eco-Schools initiative
  • Promote an annual Get-2-Green week
  • Working on creating a recycling program to reduce cafeteria waste streams
  • Set up a whole school recycling program

Why is this important for our school community?

Our school's primary mission is to help produce the leaders of tomorrow, people who know how to think, solve problems, and make difficult decisions in a changing world. We want our students to exhibit the traits of responsible citizens by understanding that we can positively impact our surroundings by being good environmental stewards. Our efforts support FCPS School Board Student Achievement Goal 3: Demonstrate Responsibility to Community and World.

FCPS' Get2Green Program

School District Sustainability and Engaging Students in Environmental Action

Get2Green (Environmental) Partnerships

Environmental efforts with the schools.