Welcome to Schoology

I am excited to share that students, families, and teachers throughout FCPS and in our school community will use Schoology (pronounced /SKOO-luh-jee/) as our learning management system beginning Summer/Fall 2021.

Here is what you need to know now:

  • Starting in July 2021, we will not use Blackboard 24-7 Learning or Blackboard Collaborate Ultra (BBCU) 
  • Schoology has a connected web conferencing tool, Zoom
  • Schoology works with Google Drive
  • You need a SIS/ParentVUE account to login to Schoology: http://bit.ly/FCPSSIS
  • You can learn more about Schoology: https://www.fcps.edu/schoology
  • Parent accounts will be available in mid-August
    • Information about how to login to parent accounts will be shared with you closer to the start of the school year
  • Students will have a Schoology account by June 18, 2021
    • Students will not see any classes until the grading period starts

Students use their FCPS student ID and password to login to Schoology:  https://lms.fcps.edu. Look for the FCPS logo to make sure you are on the correct login page.

picture of schoology login page

Schoology is a learning space that enhances communication, collaboration, and personalized learning for students, teachers, and families. As a parent or guardian, you will be able to use Schoology to view:

  • your child's class 
  • your child’s assignments and participation
  • your child’s calendar
  • teacher comments, scores, and feedback

We are asking that you:

We look forward to using Schoology along with your SIS/ParentVUE account. 

Schoology Snippets for Parents and Students