Ms. Jalajel Recognized as FCPS 2020 Outstanding Secondary New Teacher

By Department of Human Resources
January 06, 2021

samantha jalajelCongratulations to speech and drama teacher Samantha Jalajel who was recognized as the FCPS 2020 Outstanding Secondary New Teacher!

Students, parents, and staff members often mention that Ms. Jalajel embodies their perfect vision of a teacher. Maya Angelou reminds us that “people will never forget how you made them feel.” Ms. Jalajel makes people feel connected. This connection is obvious, seen through the admiration and support of her colleagues, parents, and, most importantly, her students! Her middle school students say, “she makes it cool to be different, and “she gave me confidence in myself.” She showcases student talents on stage, welcoming Frost’s more reserved students to the Theatre community through the Tech class and production crew. She has grown the Frost theatre program tremendously - allowing all students to find success. To her students, she is the highlight of their day! 

samantha jalajel at fcps honors