This Week at Frost May 29

May 29, 2020

Dear Frost MS Students and Families,

This week has gone by quickly! Don’t blink. There only two weeks left in the 19-20 school year!  There’s not much information to share this week. Don’t forget, there was communication sent out earlier this week in regards to the student item pickup protocols. Make sure you read up and mark your calendars. I have added it to this message as well.

All the best!

As always, "Work Hard, Be Nice, and Widen Your Circle. We are #ONEFrost!" 

Mr. Harris

In Other News

Another Award!

Frost was selected to receive a Caring for our Watersheds award, which will include not only prize money (to be determined) but also implementation funds to install a professional signpost at the site of our future pollinator garden (no mow zone.)

This year, Frost students in the stewardship club, in tackling the problem of lack of biodiversity on the Frost campus, worked with the county to plan a pollinator garden at the corner of our property near the community.  The project includes the installation of seeds under the dead turf, as well as a permanent sign post and sign provided by the county.  It is currently planned for the fall.

Students went one step further to submit a proposal to EarthForce for a second sign post, one that students could use to communicate even more information about status of the garden, the benefit of natives, the specific natives that we have planted and their ecological benefit, or future plans for the garden every time it appears “under construction.”  This sign could also be used to update the community on eco happenings at Frost and even include a QR code to take them to a website where they could get more information.

Students worked on the proposal after school for several months.  It included not only the written piece, but a budget, artwork, and even a song that was written and performed by Frost students.

Students competed for grants with over a hundred other groups.  The top 10 are given the opportunity to present at the Student Environmental Action Showcase at George Mason University and winners are selected.  Although SEAS was cancelled this year and students are not able to compete in finals, EarthForce judges still were able to determine the top 10 entries and Frost was included.

Congratulations Frost students.  We are looking forward to seeing the progress of the pollinator garden in the fall and learning about why creating “no mow zones” is so important to our community.


Flag Pole Clean Up

Thanks to Ms. Patterson and her kids for coming in to do some community service at the flag pole this past weekend! It looks great!

picture of frost before picture of Ms. Patterson and daughter picture of frost after



In the spirit of unity at Frost, our string and band students recorded this beautiful arrangement of Findlandia, we’d like to call our version, “Frostlandia”! Enjoy

Frostlandia Main 5.27.20.mp4


What are students learning?

This will be a weekly addition to the This Week at Frost communication! Hopefully you will be able to see all of the great things students are learning in their classes!

This Week at Frost Middle School #6.pdf 

Virtual Coffee Nights- Mark your calendars!

We will be hosting a series of Virtual Coffees! We are looking forward to seeing families and answering questions they might have during this time.

  • Tuesday, June 2, 2020 @ 11 am-

• Guest link:


Frost Spirit Fridays!

picture of friday spirit day


Former Frost Student featured in Vogue

Hannah Thomas graduated recently from the Pratt Institute in NYC- she wants to become a designer. She didn’t get to have her Spring final fashion show due to quarantine but she did get her work in Vogue Magazine with an interview! Check this out:


Student Item Pickup Information


Dear Frost Families,

We hope that you and your family are staying safe and doing well. We understand that students and families have been anticipating retrieving items from their hallway and PE lockers, picking up yearbooks, and dropping off library books and other borrowed items. Student item retrieval and drop off will occur by grade level and student last name from June 8-11. Below you will find information about our upcoming curbside pick-up. 

Before you come to the school, please take a moment to personally answer the health questions in the attachment, below.  If you have answered “yes” to any of the questions you will need to come on a different day for curbside pick-up.


Throughout this process, our priority is for student, staff, and community safety. In an effort to comply with the Governor’s order for social distancing, vehicle occupants must remain in their vehicles at all times.  We are not permitting anyone inside of the building and request that all students be accompanied by an adult. We recognize students may not be able to retrieve every item left in the building. Our intention is to provide an opportunity for students to pick up and return essential items. Our curbside pick-up will occur on the following days and times listed below:

Time:                                      On assigned day, anytime between

       8-11:30am OR 12:30-4:00 pm

Monday, June 8:                   8th grade (Last Name A-Le)           

Tuesday, June 9:                   8th grade (Last Name Lei-Z) 

Wednesday, June 10:            7th grade (Last Name A-Le)           

Thursday, June 11:               7th grade (Last Name Lef-Z)

Note: If you have students at both grade levels, select either to come on the assigned seventh OR eighth grade day. You do not need to come on separate days

As we prepare for students to pick up their belongings, we'd like you to indicate when you plan to come in. We understand that plans may change, but it will support our planning. 

  • Click here to complete the short survey.

Our staff has been working hard to ensure that hallway and gym lockers have been emptied, bagged, and labeled with students’ names on them.  Below is an outline of the curbside pickup process.

1.    Students and families should arrive between 8-11:30 am OR 12:30-4:00 pm on their assigned pickup day.


2.    Car riders must remain in their car at all times. Drivers should pull around to Door 5 (see map), following the typical flow of traffic for the morning Kiss & Ride line. Please note that students will not be able to pick up any items without an adult present. Parking is for staff only.

picture of pick up route


3.    Walkers will report to the check in table and line up near Door 1 (see map).  At no point will walkers enter the building.  There will be cones six feet apart to maintain social distancing. For the safety of all, please wear a mask or a face covering.

picture of pick up map

4.    Families will only be able to pick up the belongings of their own student(s).

5.    When you arrive, a staff member will ask you for your child’s first and last name so that we can retrieve their bag.

6.  If you have any library books, please return them on your assigned day.  If you have any books checked out, you should have received an email from our librarians listing your obligations. If you do not owe anything, you would not have received an email notification. A staff member will collect them on the assigned day.

7.  We are hopeful that yearbooks will be here in time to distribute.  If your child has purchased a yearbook it will be distributed on the assigned day.

8.  If your child was loaned a band or orchestra instrument, bring it on your assigned day.

9.  If you have any other school items such as calculators, textbooks, or teacher-loaned materials/books, please return them on your assigned day and a staff member will collect them.

If extenuating circumstances occur and you are unable to pick up your child’s belongings on the assigned day, please contact Kenya Champ at @email. We will store any unclaimed items until June 26th and at that time, the contents will be discarded or donated.  

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.


Kenya Champ & Melanie Porter, Assistant Principals 


Anthony Harris


Frost Middle School