After School FAQs

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What is the Frost Middle School After-School Program?

Frost’s After School program consists of a diverse set of club offerings, including recreation, social, life skills and academic enrichment activities.  Unlike Elementary SACC programs, students choose specific clubs of interest and attend on those meeting dates.  This Fall, we will be offering a virtual program.  Students will be able to join live (synchronous) club meetings during after-school hours.  They will join the After School Google Classroom (join code is Re4u7i2) to do asynchronous activities they can do on their own and to get announcements, and club information.  Parents need to register students to attend after school.


When are activities offered?

Virtual clubs and activities are offered 5 days a week from 3:30 – 5:30pm. The After School Club List is posted on the school website, go to activities, then click on after school.  This club list will be updated quarterly.  The most up-to-date club list is posted in the After School Google Classroom.


When do clubs and activities begin?

Virtual After School activities will begin the first week of October.  Please refer to the club’s Google Classroom for the most up-to-date information on club meetings. 

***There are no After School activities on Holidays or Early School Closings.  Please refer to the club’s Google Classroom for the most up-to-date information on a specific club and the After School Calendar. 


How do I sign-up for clubs?

1.   Students look at the Club List to decide which clubs they want to attend.

2.   Each club will have its own unique code to join its Google Classroom.  These codes are listed on the Club List.  Use this code to join the Google Classrooms for each club that you want to participate in.

3.   Check each club’s Google Classroom for updates and meeting information!

4.   Check the After School Google Classroom for the most up-to-date club list, activities you can do on your own and important announcements.


When can I sign-up for clubs & how many can I sign-up for?

Students can sign-up for clubs as soon as the club code is listed, and you have joined that club.  They can attend as many after-school programs as they like.  Some clubs meet for a set number of weeks and require student commitment.  Other clubs have a set number of spaces or require a student tryout to participate.  Most clubs are open to all students.


What platform are we using for After School?

We are using Google Meet – once you join the Google Classroom for each club you want to participate in and open it, you will find the link to join the club meeting.


Can I start an after school club?

Students can work with Ms. Metzker, the After-School Program Specialist, to begin a club!  Students who are interested in starting a club should complete the Frost ASP Club Proposal Form which is available in After School Google Classroom (join code is Re4u7i2).  Once this electronic form is completed and is received by Ms. Metzker, it will be reviewed, and next steps will be discussed.


How much does it cost to participate in After School Activities?

The After School Program is free although there may be nominal fees associated with certain clubs that compete or have material costs.  


How will I get information about the after school program?

Students - Important announcements about after school will be posted in the grade level Google Classrooms.  Club information will be shared with club members through the club’s Google Classroom and on the school website.

Parents will receive information about after school activities in the News You Choose updates regarding after-school and from the school website.



Deb Metzker

After School Program Specialist