Library Policies

Checkouts, holds, overdue items, and returns


Books and Audio Books can be checked out for 3 weeks with two renewals for a total of 9 weeks. If another student has the item on "hold", then the item may not be renewed but must pass to the next student on the list. In general, there are no limits on checkouts except for graphic novels which have a limit of four at a time. Students check out using their student identification numbers. There are no library cards.


Any circulating materials may be placed on "hold" which creates a waiting list for the item. When the item is returned, a librarian will notify the next student on the waiting list by sending a notice to the student's English class. The student has 3 days to pick up the item.

Overdue Items

Overdue notices go out once a month to all English teachers. Students are responsible for any notices they receive. If a student believes they have received a notice in error, it is the student's responsibility to notify the library of the dispute. Disputes are resolved on a case by case basis.

Overdue Fees and Lost Items

10¢ is assessed to the student's record for each school day an item is overdue. Weekends, holidays and inclement weather days are not included. Lost items are assessed at the price for a new replacement.

Returning Materials

Materials need to be returned or renewed by the due date to avoid late fees. Materials can be returned to the checkout desk slot in the library or given to the librarian standing in the hall at the end of every school day. Due dates are stamped on the back of each book as a reminder.