Thank you all for coming out and auditioning for our Theatre Sports team! This was a tough decision to make because you all did so well. Please continue to work on your improv skills and audition again next year. If you did not make the team I hope to see you at auditions for Alice in Wonderland in November! If you made the team our first meeting will be Thursday October 10th 2:30-4:30, where we will go over the Theatre Sports contract. 

Theatre Sports Team 2019-2020

Jordan Grabo

Zoe Panzer

Isabel Karambelas

Urav Tanna

Duncan Sanders

Todd McKnight

Jacob Ost

Lucas Bickford

Sam Jacob

Alyce Visioli

Josie Owens

Yasmin Kudrati-Plummer

Brandon Spratt

Ian Conner

Lili Demaitre

Riley Deer

Jacob Galui

Sarah Hymans

Marissa VonAnken

Emanuel Molla

tee hee turkey



Theatre Sports Competition Photos