Summer Reading and Learning

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Summer Reading

Our Fairfax County Public Libraries offers a summer reading program. Parents are encouraged to review book selections with the student to help them make appropriate choices. Students may select books from this list, or they may read a comparable book that their parents approve. 

Learn more about FCPS Summer Reading here

Math Summer Resources

No specific summer assignments or requirements, but it is recommended that students practice specific skills, based on level of course, throughout the summer.

Middle School Math Program of Studies & Online Textbooks

Standards for Math 7, Math 7 HN and Math 8

High School Math Program of Studies & Online Textbooks

Standards for Algebra 1/Algebra 1 HN, Geometry HN, and Algebra 2 HN

FCPS endorsed Math Resources and Games

(Recommended - Discovery Education, Khan Academy, Math Playground). Many teachers use Khan Academy throughout the year, if you are a returning FCPS student, it is encouraged that students use their school Google accounts to log in and track the topics/progress.

If your student is going into Math 7, teachers recommend the students practice fraction operations, integer operations, order of operations, graphing coordinates.

If your student is going into Math 7 HN, teachers recommend students practice the concepts of  the real number system, integer operations, expressions (combining like terms), equations, ratios & proportions, inequalities, functions, geometry, measurement, probability, and statistics.

If your student is going into Pre-Algebra/Math 8, teachers recommend practice on the topics: ratio/percent, working with fractions, geometry, basic operations/computations.

If your student is going into Algebra 1 or Algebra 1 Honors, teachers recommend reviewing: Order of operations, Evaluating expressions (Substitution), Simplifying Expressions Using Distributive Property and Combining Like Terms, Integer and Fraction Operations, Square Roots/Perfect Squares, Negative Exponents, Equations and Inequalities with Variables on Both Sides, Graphing Functions (slope and y-intercept)

If your student is going into Geometry HN, teachers recommend reviewing fractions, radicals, exponents, equations, inequalities, linear equations, quadratics, systems of equations 2 x 2. 

If your child is going into Algebra 2 HN, teachers recommend reviewing factoring, simplifying radicals, quadratics and linear functions, statistics (zscores), and absolute value inequalities.

Other resources, not endorsed by FCPS:

IXL, each website correlates with VA Math Standards for that grade level: videos of basic skills great for Math 7/Math 7HN/Math 8 for Geometry students