Rising 9th Grade Course Selection

Course selection information for all current Frost 8th grade students.

2024 Dates & Events

January 11Robinson IB Program Information Night 6:00-8:30 (General Info 7:10-7:40; IB Information 7:45-8:30)
January 18Frost Students Receive High School course selection presentation through Falcon Focus classes from Woodson & Annandale Counselors
January 17Annandale HS Curriculum Night 6:00-8:00 PM
January 23 Course Planning Tool through Falcon Focus classes to draft course selections
January 23Woodson HS 9th Grade Information Night 6:00-8:00 PM
January 10 - Feb 6Academy Program Open Houses - Dates/Locations Here
January 22 - February 16 Frost students receive course selection sheets and participate in individual academic advising meetings with Frost Counselors through Science classes (see schedule below)
February 2 - 23All course selection sheets due to Frost Science teachers (see schedule below)

Course Selection Information

Frost students will receive presentations on 1/18 from Woodson and Annandale counselors. Frost students will then complete a Course Planning Tool on 1/23 in Falcon Focus, through the submission of a Google Form. A copy of their responses will be emailed to them.

Students will be given paper course selection sheets when they meet with their counselor and will have one week to complete and return to teachers. Please discuss course selection options with your student and review their course selection sheet carefully. Every 9th grade student will take English, Science, History, Math, PE, and two year long elective courses. Students will also list alternate elective courses.

Counselors will make every effort to follow the schedule below, but some dates may need to be adjusted. The order in which students are seen will not impact the timing of their course requests. Students receiving services through Special Education will complete initial course selections with their counselor and will be placed in classes in SIS that align with their current service hours. Final course placements will be determined after spring transition IEP meetings.

Advising DatesCourse Sheet DueScience 8 TeacherCounselor
2/92/16Shue & WoodwardGibas