New Student Registration

Our registrar can help enroll your student at Frost Middle and more

School Registrar

Emily Cheng
Phone: 703-426-5488

Register a Student New to FCPS

Registering a student who is new to FCPS at Frost Middle is a 5-step process. Please follow the instructions on the FCPS General Registration Requirements webpage (link below).


The FCPS General Registration Requirements page will help you determine where to register: either at Frost Middle or at the closest Student Registration Welcome Center. You will also find complete details about the documents you will need, such as a birth certificate, and the forms you will need to complete.

A student's home address determines his or her middle school. To confirm that Frost Middle is your local school, use the FCPS Boundary Locator.  

Moving to Frost Middle from Another FCPS Middle School 

If your student is attending an FCPS middle school, but you will be moving to a new primary residence with Frost Middle as a base school, you will first need to contact the registrar at the current middle school to arrange to withdraw your student. Then you will need to contact the Frost Middle registrar to enroll your student.  

Items Needed for Registration (for Existing FCPS Student) 

  • Proof of Residency in Fairfax County - You will be required to show proof of residency during the registration process.
  • Proof of Parent Identity - When registering, the student must be accompanied by the parent or legal guardian with whom he or she lives in Fairfax County. Only a parent who is named on the child's birth certificate is eligible to enroll the student. The accompanying parent will be required to present government-issued photo identification.
  • Withdrawal Form - It is very important that you bring the Withdrawal Form (obtained from your current school) if you are moving during the school year. If you are moving during the summer, you will need the student's course selections and/or a transcript from your previous school so that your student can be placed in the appropriate classes.
  • Forms - You will need to fill out and submit the following three forms to the Frost Middle School registrar:

Moving to Frost Middle from an FCPS Elementary School Not Within Frost Boundary

During the school year, contact the registrar at the current elementary school if your 6th grade student is attending an FCPS elementary school, but will be moving from one FCPS middle school boundary to the Frost Middle boundary. At your current elementary school, you will need to complete the Student's Intention for Next School Year form. Then you will need to provide Frost Middle with the following:

See above--Items Needed for Registration (for Existing FCPS Student)--for additional details on what is needed to register.

If the school year has ended, please contact the registrar at Frost MS to submit the information/documents listed above. 

Moving to Frost Middle from an FCPS Elementary School Within Frost Boundary

If a student is attending an elementary school within the Frost MS boundary (Canterbury Woods, Little Run, Mantua, Olde Creek, and Wakefield Forest), he or she will not need to register. They are already registered within the system. 

Withdraw a Student from Frost Middle

To withdraw a student, contact our registrar to make arrangements to complete a Withdrawal Form. 

Student Transfer Information

A student is expected to attend the school that serves his or her attendance area. Transfer requests are considered for very specific reasons as outlined in FCPS School Board Regulation 2230.

Student transfer information is available if a parent would like to transfer a student from a base school to another school within FCPS. However, a school must be open to transfers, based on student capacity, etc.

If your student currently attends Frost MS and you have transfer questions, please contact our registrar.

Other Ways the Registrar Can Help

Please contact our registrar if you need to change parent information, such as email address, or student contact information such as name, address or custody.

The registrar also handles verification of enrollment and attendance, which is required by some foreign embassies.