Student Services Staff & Support Staff

E-mail and phone numbers for Student Services Staff & Support Staff

Student Services Staff

Danielle Hornbecker

Director of Student Services @email 703-426-5026  

Kate Balderston

School Counselor 703-426-5021 Teams: Endeavor & Galaxy

Megan Dunn

School Counselor @email 703-426-5024 Teams: Cavaliers & Voyagers

Kristin Avina

School Counselor @email 703-426-5023 Team: Atoms

Larkin Gibas

School Counselor @email 703-426-5020 Teams: Explorers & Seekers

Dan Joo

School Counselor 703-426-5025 Team: Travelers

Emily Cheng

Registrar @email 703-426-5488  


Support Staff

Jen Zabel School Psychologist @email 703-426-5063

Traci Lindsay-Luper School Social Worker @email 703-426-5066

JaQuese Hawkins D/HH Program Social Worker @email 703-426-5065


Susan Kwan Parent Liaison Fluent in Korean & English @email 703-426-3864 Angela Aldave Parent Liaison Fluent in Spanish & English @email 703-426-3875