Student Programs

Tiered Support for Academics, Behavior, and Student Wellness

Using a multi-tiered system of support (MTSS) framework, school teams make data informed decisions in order to provide high quality instruction and intervention. Some students will require additional academic, behavior, and/or social-emotional wellness support. 

FCPS Tiered Support Graphic


Tier 1: Core Instruction and Supports for All Students, Preventive and Proactive 

Frost Counselors provide school-wide programs that address the following areas and are for all students to access:

Academic Advising

Classroom Lessons

Military Child


Student Learning Plan

Transition Events

Wellness Screenings

Tier 2: Targeted Supplemental Instruction and Intervention for Some Students

Frost Counselors provide needs based programming for some students, such as:

Small Group Counseling

Academic Interventions

Restorative Practice Circles

Tier 3: Intensive Individualized Instruction and Intervention for Few Students

Frost Counselors provide a variety of needs-based interventions specific to students, families, and the school. Please contact your child's teachers and counselor if you feel there are ways we can support your student during their time at Frost.