Rising 8th Grade Course Selection

Course catalog, course selection, and additional curriculum information for all students entering the 8th grade at Frost.

Rising 8th Grade Course Selection

Calendar Overview

January 26: Course selection presentation through Falcon Focus

January 28: Course planning tool through Falcon Focus

January 31 - February 23: Individual academic advising through History classes

February 11 - March 3: All course selection sheets due to History teachers (see below)

Academic Advising

Academic Advising will take place with students individually through History classes. Students will receive a presentation through Falcon Focus on 1/26. Students will then complete a Course Planning Tool on 1/28 in Falcon Focus class through a Google Form posted in Schoology. A copy of their responses will be emailed to them. Students will be given course selection sheets when they meet with their counselor and will have one week to complete and return to teachers. Please discuss course selection options with your student, review their Course Planning Tool, and review their Course Selection Sheet carefully. Every 8th grade student will take English, Science, Civics, Math, PE, and elective courses. Students will also rank electives in order of preference.

Counselors will make every effort to follow the schedule below, but some dates may need to be adjusted. The order in which students are seen will not impact the timing of their course requests. Students receiving services through Special Education will complete initial course selections with their counselor, and finalize course placements with case managers at spring transition IEP meetings.

January 31 - February 4: Form due to teacher by February 11

  • Mr. Bower & Mr. Murphy with Ms. Dunn
  • Mr. Murphy & Ms. Quincy with Ms. Dunn

February 7 - February 11: Form due to teacher by February 18

  • Ms. Kirby, Mr. Minear, Mr. Murphy with Ms. Balderston
  • Ms. McClendon & Mr. Blanco with Ms. Balderston

February 14 - February 18: Form due to teacher by February 25 

  • Ms. Pepper with Ms. Balderston

February 22 - February 25: Forms due to teacher by March 3

  • Mr. Kalinkos with Ms. Dunn