Julia Shin Named Region 5 Outstanding New Secondary Teacher!

Frost math teacher goes above and beyond for our students and the community

April 12, 2023

We are thrilled to announce that one of our very own, Ms. Julia Shin, has been awarded Outstanding New Secondary Teacher in Region 5! This award recognizes Ms. Shin's hard work and dedication to her students, and we couldn't be more proud! Over 100 students shared what Ms. Shin means to them, and her incredible impact on our Frost family. 

"Ms. Shin has always cared about her students' academic needs and their mental health."

"When I transitioned from Math 7 Honors to Algebra 1 Honors, she helped me so much and made me feel welcomed to the classroom."

"She continues to improve my learning experience by making her classroom feel safe and judgment free."

"Not only can Ms. Shin thoroughly teach me Algebra, in a way that is interesting and understandable, she also takes time to get to know me on a personal level.

"Ms. Shin cheers you on in whatever we are doing and always has faith in us whether it is a hard or easy unit, she believes in you."

"When I first came to math class Ms. Shin made the lesson fun and I have learned more about math, and Ms. Shin teaches so well that it is easy to learn."

"Her classes are always a positive and bright experience and she treats all her students with the respect that she earns from them."

"Everyday I look forward to Ms. Shin's class. She is a good teacher and has a way of explaining stuff so it makes sense."

"When I felt discouraged about a test and got a bad score on it, Ms. Shin comforted me and supported me when I took my retest and helped me get a better score."

"She is always super helpful during class. If someone doesn't understand a topic, she would do her best to help them and wouldn't stop until they understood."

"I really enjoy being in Ms. Shin's class. She explains difficult problems and breaks them down in such a way that makes them feel easy and I can always understand the content."

"As someone who doesn't like math and struggles with Algebra, I can say that Ms. Shin made the subject easy to understand and enjoyable to me."

"I know that Ms. Shin deserves this award because she is a great asset to our school community. For all types of students she is one to look up to. She is always encouraging all her students to do the best they can to reach their full potential and she is always making us laugh. One time, I felt bad because of my quiz score, but then Ms. Shin shared a similar experience, and it made me feel better knowing that even someone as intelligent and sharp as Ms. Shin makes similar mistakes. She has lifted many weights off of my and other students' shoulders and is an overall gift to our school community."