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How much sleep does your student need to promote their health and growth? 

Are you concerned your students did not get enough sleep last night? Their body and brain need time to recharge. Sleeping an average of 9 hours a night benefits their health and growth. So, do not let their phone or TV get in the way of a healthier and stronger mind and body! Learn more from our Facebook Live event where a FCPS mental wellness specialist and two FCPS seniors provide tips to optimize classroom performance by simply getting a good night’s rest. 


Watch the Facebook Live Event

Fairfax County School Health Promotion Monthly Newsletters

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Get Your Child’s Immunizations Up-to-Date! 

Open to all Fairfax County students who need immunizations regardless of if they have had vaccines in the past, new to the country, or those that just need a follow up to be up to date.

Call today! Appointments are limited. 703-246-7100.

• Oct 18, 4:30-8 pm, Annandale

• Oct 20, 1-6 pm, Annandale

• Oct 25, 4:30-8 pm, Herndon-Reston

• Nov 1, 4:30-8 pm, Mt. Vernon

• Nov 4, 9 am-2 pm, Mt. Vernon

• Nov 15, 4:30-8 pm, Annandale

• Nov 17, 1-6 pm, Springfield

*Appointments are also available during regular clinic hours (all day Monday–Thursday and Friday mornings). Please call to make an appointment. See more information about locations, and a QR to scan and make an appointment from your mobile device 


Contact Latoya Goodman (@email.), Frost's Public Health Nurse if you have questions regarding the information shared on this page.